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Working with Nature w/ Adrienne

 The Choicest Homegrown HD Gardening Television.

Recent episode:  Controlling and Taming in New England 

"Working with Nature" can be grueling and painful, but your hostess Adrienne Edmunds is ready and willing to walk you through what it takes to perfect and control your surroundings.  Adrienne brings you the very best in high quality, high definition gardening television, as she takes all of the necessary tools into her own hands for your edification and enjoyment.    

Adrienne has been Working with Nature's host for almost ten years.  She's been running her own home and garden shop in Framingham since 1994.  We couldn't believe our good fortune when she proposed her show to our network.  Adrienne ignores no part of the garden, leaves no stone unturned, no path untaken, no soil untilled.  Past episodes have been created in public, private and community gardens in Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  
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