10.31.2011 | New Website

Greetings Viewers! 

We, here at the Variable Area Television Network, would like to welcome you to our Network.

We're just getting started, so be patient with us as we attempt to grasp the universe and offer it to you in small, managable rectangles.  Our motto here at VATN is that we are (all) a sky with too many stars.  If you or someone you know would like to add to the briliant cluster, please contact us using the contact form.

There's plenty of talent out there and we'd like to host it.

Check out our programming on CANTV (Chicago Public Access Television), Channel 21, Mondays at 11:00pm from November 7th-January 23rd.  Check in with the website the day after each broadcast for the online version of the episode.  Keep an eye on the site in general for new videos, new series, new information, new ideas, endless skies, full of stars. 

Always stay tuned.